Baumstrasse, Greece, 2020

Mensa, Greece, 2017
Municipality Theatre of Kozani
Greece, 2019
Municipality Theatre of Kozani
Greece, 2019
Athens Culture Net. Culture Night:
“Age is just a number”, 2019


Open For Everyone

Through a variety of physical exercises, improvisation and fun group games you will be immersed into the magnificent world of the craft of acting without words. Discover how to build a character from scratch and how to make him/her/it alive.

In this workshop, which is open to people of all ages, participants can explore their capability for physical expression and particularly how to express thoughts and feelings only through their movement qualities. The workshop challenges everyone to get in touch with a new physical language, to awaken their unique physical qualities and skills, to test the limits of their imagination and creativity. The workshop is intended to a very broad audience with no former experience of theatre or physical movement. Its main goal is to share the social qualities of traditional theatrical crafts among groups of people who want to learn the fundamentals of theatre while strengthening their bonding and having fun.


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