For Professionals

Are you a professional performer willing to discover a theatre without speech? Are you already engaged in physical theatre and want to take your art to the next level? Join our seminars and get familiar with ways of telling stories through silent physicality of endless vigor, sensitivity and humor.

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The Crutches


For Young Audiences

Are you looking for inspiration and unexpected ways of making theatre with your students? Are you a parent wishing to offer your children access to more freedom, fun, team-building and the basics of theatre ‘s creative process? Are you a group of friends or classmates willing to make theatre with your own means?

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Open For Everyone

Are you looking for inspiration and love working creatively with other people while sharing ideas and experiences? Are you in great need of discovering and expressing your physical inclinations? Do you love theatre and crave to get a taste of the preparation of a performance?

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Art Vouveau

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