“Home” in the National Theatre of Greece

In this project we collaborate for the first time with the famous children’s theatre group “Kopernikos” in a production of the National Theatre of Greece. We created a funny and interesting “silent” story from scratch for our very young audience, 4-10 years old. Friendship, cooperation, joined effort,  but also coping with failure are the key themes of this play, in a story about creativity, experimentation, where the heroes fight, try, tire, build, tear down  and eventually realize that four hands are better than two.

Fivos Symeonidis, directed this memorable play, using the codes of silent cinema and slapstick comedy, in a performance that offers space for interaction. The young audience watches a beautiful, funny, yet moving story unfold in an unexpected and engaging setting that looks very much like a ‘playful’ construction site.

Given the fact that “HOME” has its own language given by physical theater, expressions, movements, and in some points by a weird jibber jabber talk (which gets, by the way, totally understood by children),we consider this play to be a great candidate for any festival abroad as anybody can listen and watch our story, irrespective of their origin.

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